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A few highlights and gigs I’m proud of:

I studied at music college in West London in the mid 90’s, taking lessons with the brilliant Paul Elliot (Paul has taught some great players from bands I love: Jason Cooper from the Cure, Dominic Greensmith from Reef and Phil Selway from Radiohead). Later on, inspired by one of my favourite ever drummers Andy Gangadeen I was lucky to be accepted to study privately with the great Bob Armstrong (I spent nearly 10 years all in all with Bob. As any drummers reading this will know, he was THE man to study with in the UK. He taught a long list of this countrie’s finest players including both Steve & Alan White (Paul Weller & Oasis), Darrin Mooney (Primal Scream), Woody (Bastille), Andy Gangadeen (Massive Attack, Jeff Beck) and many, many more. So I consider myself very lucky and totally blessed! R.I.P. Bob and thanks so much for everything).

Bob passed away in June 2017. Steve White asked me to create a poster for the memorial event hosted by Al Murray which we held in September that year. The snare drum was one of my favourites from Bob's collection.

More recently I’ve attended lessons with musician, session drummer and absolute gent Neal Wilkinson (Van Morrison, Paul McCartney, Ray Charles, Joan Armatrading, James Morrison etc. Neal was himself actually taught by the same teacher who taught Bob Armstrong and also Stewart Copeland).

As an independent musician, some of the gigs I’ve been most proud of include live shows on drums/percussion/electronics alongside superb Bristol guitarist Joe Wilkins with Nashville singer/songwriter Angel Snow (not only is Angel a stunning performer in her own right, but she wrote three of the songs on Alison Krauss’s GRAMMY award winning album ‘Paper Airplane’).

Joe Wilkins and I have also had the great pleasure of playing in awesome U.S. Country/roots artist Amy McCarley‘s UK pick-up band. A highlight with Amy has to be being joined on stage by pedal steel legend BJ Cole (Elton John, Sting etc) . I love all Amy’s albums, but MECO is probably my favourite, produced by Kenny Vaughan and featuring such esteemed guests as Hall of Famer Pat Alger (The Everly Brothers, Dolly Parton, Garth Brooks), Kenny Lovelace (Jerry Lee Lewis) and Marty Stuart (Johnny Cash). I’m super proud to be credited for my live-work on the same album cover as those guys! (Thank you Amy)

Working as a dep musician I often get to tour with Ben Welburn’s UK Johnny Cash tribute show ‘CASH‘ alongside such great players as Oliver Darling (Imelda May, Tanita Tikaram, Mike Sanchez etc) and award winning instrumentalist Chris Hillman (Kris Kristofferson, Yola, Billy Bragg, etc)

I’m also proud to have been entrusted by good friend, drummer Mat Hector (Iggy Pop, Hotie, Razorlight, Mark Almond etc) to dep for him with GRAMMY shortlisted emerging artist of the year Emma Wilson, working alongside Mark Neary on bass (Noel Gallagher, Adele, Hotie etc) and Adam Chetwood on guitar (Mark Ronson, Paolo Nutini, Immelda May etc).

In the Blues Rock arena, I’ve enjoyed touring with Americana/Blues artist Mike Ross as well as extensive touring with the Troy Redfern Band. With Troy’s band we got to share stages with many incredible artists and some true rock legends. A big highlight for me was having one of my absolute favourite rock drummers come to check us out and take time to chat with me on several occasions: Martin Chambers of The Pretenders. But without doubt the most surreal night was when we found ourselves following Robert Plant on stage! I got to meet him and shake his hand and ridiculously, I can now always say that Robert Plant was once my support act…

© Copyright: Troy Redfern. Photo: Nathan Emery

In between all of the above, I get to play 1950’s Rock n Roll, all around the home counties with my good friends the The Quarry Katz. Katz vocalist Sean Humphries and I have also enjoyed developing what has turned out to be a sell out show ‘The All New Rock n Roll Revue‘.

During the weird year that was 2020, of course I didn’t get to play live at all , but I did get to record lots. A particular highlight was being invited to record a track with my friends Claire Moore and Simon Hale. We’ve known each other as friends for years and not only are they very lovely people, but having been involved in everything from James Bond soundtracks to Les Miserables, it goes without saying they are supremely talented. So I’m so pleased to be on a recording together with them.

More recently, I’ve recorded drums and percussion on three albums and directed several music videos for Niall and Jody Jeger’s music project Jody & The Jerms. We’ve been in and out of several great studios with album three largely featuring Mark Gardener of RIDE at the controls at his excellent Oxfordshire studio OX4 Sound. There has been lots of national and international radio play including BBC 6 Music and also many live shows. It was certainly a highlight and an honour at the end of 2021, for us to be invited to perform what turned out sadly to be the very last live session for much loved broadcaster and DJ Janice Long on her BBC Radio show. We were so sad to hear of the loss of Janice Long on Christmas Day, just days after our session. She was a committed and passionate champion of new music (RIP Janice).

Recommendations, kind words etc:

Nailed it! Bridgey had 2 days to learn the set and it was awesome. Thank you so much the crowd loved it! SUEY!” Ben Welbern, CASH.

You played absolutely brilliantly! Thank you so much for all your preparation.” Emma Wilson (GRAMMY shortlisted winner of The UK Blues Awards best emerging artist).

…you did a wicked job [depping for me]. Great stuff mate!” Mat Hector (drummer; Iggy Pop).

You sound amazing. Nailed!” David Palmer (drummer; Rod Stewart).

A spirited set at Maverick Festival last night with amazing backing band Joe Wilkins, Paul Reynolds, Bridgey – & I couldn’t have been more inspired by band or audience…” Amy McCarley.

Thank you Bridgey for jumping in and smashing it, Top Player but Most of all top bloke. Until the next time… Cheers” John ‘Cat’ Catherall, Souled Out function band.

…one of the finest drummers we’ve had the pleasure of playing with… Bridgey’s style, grooves and feel are going to breathe some new life into the old tunes, and take the new tunes to the next level!” Troy Redfern

Sad day in one way in the Accrington Stanley camp yesterday: it was Bridgey’s last gig as a Stanley (at least for a while). Bridgey has been part of the band since 1994 and he’s been a fantastic, creative and musical drummer and a great mate… I’d like to say: Bridgey, we salute you! Thanks for all the good times and the funny times…” Dan O’Farrell, Accrington Stanley

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Bob Armstrong's 1960s Slingerland COB Snare Drum © 2017 Bridgey
Bob Armstrong’s 1960s Slingerland COB Snare Drum © 2017 Al Bridge
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