Cover Image ©James Cunningham
Jody & The Jerms, ‘The Harder I Try’. Studio recording (© Jody & The Jerms)
Jody & The Jerms, ‘Alone’. Studio recording (© Jody & The Jerms)
The Quarry Katz, ‘Cathy’s Clown’. Live studio recording (© The Everly Brothers)
The Quarry Katz, ‘Stray Cat Strut’. Live studio recording (© The Stray Cats)
The Anydays, ‘Monday Morning’. Studio recording (© Drew Atkins)
The Anydays, ‘Rollercoaster’. Studio recording (© Drew Atkins)
Accrington Stanley, ‘Follow Your Heart’. Studio recording (© Dan O’Farrell)
Accrington Stanley, ‘The Thin Line’. Studio recording (© Dan O’Farrell)
The Red Tears, ‘Sonic’. Studio recording (© Jon Cholakian)
Streamliner Blues Band, ‘City Streets’. Rehearsal recording
The Troy Redfern Band, ‘Love & War’. Live recording (© Troy Redfern)
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Istanbul Agop Cymbals
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